Are you working in data engineering but tired of all the jargon and acronyms? Say no more, here is a list of 50 to get you started!

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You can’t tell a great story without defining your characters. So why do so many organisations think they can derive value from their data science initiatives without investing in data management?

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In this week’s blog, I’ll share three key data management investments which’ll make your data science initiatives successful:

#1 Improving data quality (the basics of data management)

Create compelling data visualisation by getting these basic techniques right. Data Visualisation is a key component in the storytelling journey.

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Avoid these mistakes to ensure the successful roll-out of Data Governance in your organisation.

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Here are my top 4 reasons:

Are you considering a job in data science or know someone that is? Let me explain why the hype is far from over.

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In this week’s blog, I’ll share three key reasons why the world is obsessed with data science:

#1 We have a lot more data now (to apply data science techniques to…)

Petabytes, Exabytes & Zettabytes. This is how we’re measuring the amount of data there is in the world. And don’t bother Googling what this means, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, these are some inconceivable numbers.

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Let me help break this down. In this week’s blog, I’ll share three key reasons why we have an abundance of data in the world:

#1 World Wide Web Adoption

Let’s talk about Steve Jobs for a minute. He said, “if you define the problem correctly, you almost always have the solution”.

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Fear not! Because, in this week’s blog, I want to share three easy steps on solving challenging problems:

#1 Don’t Panic! Just breakdown the mountain into small molehills

Each year for 30 days, 1.8 billion Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk for the month of Ramadan.

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Here are the top three lessons I’ve learnt along the way:

As we recently passed the holy month of Ramadan; the month of blessings and humility, I wanted to share a story from my travels.

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